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Membership Awards and Colors

The Sedgefield Hunt recognizes those members, junior and senior, who during the preceding season have performed in an exemplary manner and who have assisted the Hunt as a whole in realizing its objectives.

The Tryon Trophy
Commemorating a Joint Meet held with the Tryon Hounds in January 1948, in Tryon, NC, the members of the Tryon Hounds presented the Sedgefield Hunt a perpetual trophy to be presented annually to that Junior who has shown exceptional “progress in the hunting field, loyalty, and attendance.”

2003-2004 - Tara Rice
2007-2008 - Randall Wiseman
2008-2009 - Kaitlyn Ferrell
2009-2010 - Elizabeth Folk

The Hitchcock “Best Turned Out” Trophy
In 1969, Mrs. Boots Thrower presented to the Sedgefield Hunt, a perpetual trophy to be presented annually to the member who consistently turned out in the hunt field with their horse and themselves to well presented as to set an example for the rest of the field in keeping with the best of hunting tradition. 

2003-2004 - Ginger Robinson
2004-2005 - Randle L. Jones
2005-2006 - Elizabeth MacDonald
2006-2007 - Frankie Harrington
2007-2008 - Kristi Short
2008-2009 - Jack Marsh
2009-2010 - Lauren Spillman
2010-2011 - Kit Lippert

Ward Snarr Memorial Trophy
In 1973, Miss Jeanne Cross presented to the Sedgefield Hunt a perpetual trophy honoring the memory of Ward Snarr, a most valuable member, who was singularly responsible for arranging for our Siler City hunt territory. The trophy is presented annually to that senior member whose support and activity for the Hunt and its objectives has been most outstanding for the preceding season.

2003-2004 - Kit Lippert
2004-2005 - Judy Gallman
2005-2006 - Randle L. Jones
2006-2007 - Sandy Judy
2007-2008 - Elaine Berry
2008-2009 - Paula Nelson
2009-2010 - Kristi Short
2010-2011 - Jan Sorrells

Dan Whittaker Memorial Trophy
This trophy was donated in 1985 by Cathy Schlaeppi to be awarded to the best turned out Junior member.

2003-2004 - Tara Rice
2004-2005 - Tara Rice
2006-2007 - Randall Wiseman
2007-2008 - Kaitlyn Ferrell
2008-2009 - Randall Wiseman

If and But “Special” Hunt Horse of the Year
If and But was Jan Sorrells’ wonderful Thoroughbred hunt horse.  He absolutely adored foxhunting and whipping in.  He spent his earlier life as a racehorse, then steeplechaser and Karen Gray’s professional whip horse for the Hillsborough Hounds in Tennessee.  Karen gave him the barn name “Special” because he was such an extraordinary hunt horse.  In the 1992/93 season, Jan donated this trophy in Special’s honor to recognize that special hunt horse that exhibits a true love for being out hunting, and has demonstrated the manners, athletic ability, bravery and willingness that we all seek in our dream hunt horse.  Muir Lyon’s horse Big Red was the first recipient of this award.

2003-2004 - Rocky - Judy Gallman
2004-2005 - Apple - Betsy Rice
2005-2006 - Patrick - Lynn Koury
2006-2007 - DeWees - Sandy Judy
2007-2008 - Stryker - Jennifer Pendergrass
2008-2009 - Patriot - Judy Gallman
2009-2010 - Victor - Jan Sorrells
2010-2011 - Sauce - Lloyd Lyons

Perseverance Award/Comeback Award
This award was donated by Judy Gallman and dedicated to T. Rex, the horse that keeps going and going.

2003-2004 - Catherine Clodfelter
2004-2005 - Lloyd Lyons
2005-2006 - Elizabeth Ingram
2009-2010 - Lloyd Lyons & Deborah Maury

Special Trail Clearing Award
2004-2005 - Wray Crawford, Jack Marsh, Donald Minor, Lloyd Lyons
2008-2009 - Bennett Ramsey
2009-2010 - Paula Nelson & Bennett Ramsey

Special Recognition Award for Hunt Service

2003-2004 - Donald Minor

Special Kitchen Witch Award

2008-2009 - Erin Esposito

Burnt orange is the color of the Sedgefield Hunt. The Masters award colors of the Hunt to members who have demonstrated their hunting proficiency.  Colors of the Sedgefield Hunt are worn on the collar of the hunt coat.  The hunt members must be able to stay with the hounds without disturbing them and must know the hunt country.  They must have demonstrated support of the Hunt objectives and should have demonstrated their interest in the activities of the Sedgefield Hunt with regards to perpetuating the sport and its traditions, and participating in exercising the hounds, trail clearing, and the activities of the various committees within the Hunt.

Usually one full year of activity with the Hunt is considered a minimum for consideration for being awarded colors.  The award of colors is the prerogative of the Masters. Hunt buttons displaying the initials SH may be worn on the coat for those members who have been awarded their colors by the joint masters. 


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